GoogleWalkParis: 1er Arr Randomness


No real theme today, but that’s the flaneur’s joy, right? Seeing what’s next, without a plan.

Entrance to a boys’ school. Love the detail over the door – hints at the possibility of dashing adventures. Note the national motto on the right: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. If only we would all embrace the only true source of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

Boys school entrance Paris

Boys school entrance

I don’t know what this is, but I will probably never see the inside, given the quiet exclusivity of the outside. I imagine limousines gliding to a stop and the doorman smartly opening the door.

Paris restaurant entrance

Maybe a restaurant?

Moliere monument paris

Monument to Molière

paris window display

Speaking of imposters …

paris street art

More street art

Lovely shade of green Paris shop

Lovely shade of green


GoogleWalkParis: Judging by the Cover


In general, the louder the signs on the outside shout, the lower the quality of the dining experience. For instance, unless you’re STARVING and need to eat RIGHT NOW, this might not be your best choice:

Paris sign tourist trap

It’s trying to look authentic, but yikes

(photo credit to Girls Guide to Paris They also give great tips for travelers)

It’s the more demure shopfronts that pique my interest, so sometimes I detour from my GoogleWalk to just plain-ole Google them. Here’s a hotel and a restaurant I’d love to try.

Paris street Hotel Therese

Isn’t this little street great?

Paris street Hotel Therese

It’s so unassuming …

Paris Hotel Therese lobby

But wow! Look at the lobby!

I can definitely imagine stepping outside this hotel and heading here for dinner:

Paris restaurant Cibus

And dessert:

Paris restaurant Cibus dessert

It HAS to taste good, right?

So, Cibus and Hotel Therese, if you’d just comp me a night and a meal, I’d be more than happy to share you with all of my five followers. Hah! (But I’m huge * on Twitter)

*Relatively, that is 🙂

GoogleWalkParis: Parisian Mystique Confirmed?


It’s everywhere – the notion that anything French, especially Parisian, is better than anything else. French Women Don’t Get Fat, French Parents Are Better, How to Dress Like a Parisian, and on and on.

I experienced it on this GoogleWalkParis outing. Walk with me …

Here’s an interesting street beckoning me:

Paris street

What obscure treat might I find down here?

I see a crowd of locals. The latest trendy restaurant? An exclusive boutique? What could it be? I MUST know!

Paris street scene

What do they know that I don’t know?

Oh. Podiatry School. Ummm. Never mind. Myth exploded.

Paris street podiatry school

Must be recess

And then I see another gem:

Paris street Kmart

Maybe not the same as our Kmart, but still.

What is it about those buildings, those streets, that make us think every inch is filled with exotic adventures? People live their everyday lives there. They need laundromats and post offices and places to buy toothpaste too.

But then I walk around the corner into an alley and see doors like this

Paris pretty white door

and details like this beam

Paris street architecture

and I get it. The myth seduces me again.

Because even if it’s a Kmart now, what did it used to be? Who spent their lives there? How old was this store when my nation was founded? Who used to push open those doors and sweep those sidewalks when they were new? Did its occupants daydream about what their city would be like in the future?

I think I will never run out of questions.

GoogleWalkParis Begins


Since our anniversary trip in 2013, I’ve been infatuated with Paris, and French things in general. I’d like to think it’s not just a common “Under The Tuscan Sun” type spell that we Americans seem to fall under when we see gorgeous photos of historical sites. It might be. But it feels deeper. It feels personal. And I can’t seem to get enough.

Anyway, I keep finding out about new things I wish I’d seen. Since I’ll probably never make it back there in person, I’ve decided to use technology to walk down every street in Paris. Yes, every one. One arrondissement at a time. It’s not the same, but I’m good at using my imagination and remembering the five days we spent there. I’ll share some screenshots of the interesting, less ordinary things I see.

Walk with me. Or I should say “Marche avec moi” 🙂

Hidden in an obscure corner. The kind of place I like to think would be a fabulous insider's experience

Hidden in an obscure corner. The kind of place I like to think would be a fabulous insider’s experience

Shrapnel damage?

I wonder what made those divots in the wall. During the war? A car explosion?

The Bar at the End of the World

I read about this, but didn’t see it when I was there. Happy to have discovered it now. Note the zombie info 🙂

Erskine Beveridge

Can’t read all the words under the name Erskine Beveridge, but I’d love to know what this was. Google gave no answers but what I see of the words makes me think it was related to mentally ill people. No idea really though. And now next door is a hair removal clinic. Certainly less interesting than whatever was here.

Alley fanciness

I like this shot because it was just a small alley, but look at the beauty over the back door. Do Parisians know what they’re surrounded by or do they take it all for granted? Sigh.

Ikea clone?

The signs immediately made me think it was their version of Ikea. While the furniture is similar, the price tags tell me it is not.

Soft & beers

Obviously trying to appeal to tourists, but I think they need a little help with their phrases 🙂

street art

A few pieces of street art


It’s a hidden Mickey!



Parisian tomatoes

Everyone loves home-grown tomatoes!

Product of True Love


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“You are the product of true love. That is why you are powerful.”

Said Rumplestiltskin to Emma, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. (Once Upon a Time. Check it out. (From the beginning though.)

But you. You in real life. You are the product of the only true love that exists. And God says His power lives in those who accept Him.

Stop living weak. You are the product of true love.

Shots from a Car


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David and I spent the day driving a friend and his wife to San Francisco. I wish I could say it was just a trip for fun, but it was for our friend’s cancer treatment. Can I just say that cancer stinks and I am so looking forward to a future without any sickness or suffering.

Our friends are an amazing example of faith and loyalty. I’m not sure how long they’ve been married, but it’s probably around double our 24 years. I hope David and I can be an encouragement to others when we’ve been together that long.

Since we usually take BART into the city, today we got a chance to see sights we don’t normally see. So I was a crazy tourist snapping photos of interesting buildings everywhere. These are the ones taken out the window of our moving car. The photos from our 4-mile walk will go in another post.



I like to know the whole plan before I risk action. If I have to have a difficult or important conversation, I want to be prepared for all the directions it could go. Outlines and lists are my friend. (However, I also like being spontaneous and can go with the flow well. Can’t quite figure out the difference.)

Before I began this blog, I wanted to know how I’d be able to find time for it, what all the posts would be about, what voice I should use, why I was doing it, why would anyone care and who did I think I was anyway?

Well, I’m taking the advice of a fortune cookie I got recently after trying sushi for the first time with my son. (Talk about spontaneous – couldn’t think too long about that one!)


And I’m ignoring most of what I learned from Tentblogger about planning before I start. Sorry, John, I’ll get to it. I promise.

I still don’t know all any of the answers but oh well.

This is the beginning.