I like to know the whole plan before I risk action. If I have to have a difficult or important conversation, I want to be prepared for all the directions it could go. Outlines and lists are my friend. (However, I also like being spontaneous and can go with the flow well. Can’t quite figure out the difference.)

Before I began this blog, I wanted to know how I’d be able to find time for it, what all the posts would be about, what voice I should use, why I was doing it, why would anyone care and who did I think I was anyway?

Well, I’m taking the advice of a fortune cookie I got recently after trying sushi for the first time with my son. (Talk about spontaneous – couldn’t think too long about that one!)


And I’m ignoring most of what I learned from Tentblogger about planning before I start. Sorry, John, I’ll get to it. I promise.

I still don’t know all any of the answers but oh well.

This is the beginning.