Since our anniversary trip in 2013, I’ve been infatuated with Paris, and French things in general. I’d like to think it’s not just a common “Under The Tuscan Sun” type spell that we Americans seem to fall under when we see gorgeous photos of historical sites. It might be. But it feels deeper. It feels personal. And I can’t seem to get enough.

Anyway, I keep finding out about new things I wish I’d seen. Since I’ll probably never make it back there in person, I’ve decided to use technology to walk down every street in Paris. Yes, every one. One arrondissement at a time. It’s not the same, but I’m good at using my imagination and remembering the five days we spent there. I’ll share some screenshots of the interesting, less ordinary things I see.

Walk with me. Or I should say “Marche avec moi” 🙂

Hidden in an obscure corner. The kind of place I like to think would be a fabulous insider's experience

Hidden in an obscure corner. The kind of place I like to think would be a fabulous insider’s experience

Shrapnel damage?

I wonder what made those divots in the wall. During the war? A car explosion?

The Bar at the End of the World

I read about this, but didn’t see it when I was there. Happy to have discovered it now. Note the zombie info 🙂

Erskine Beveridge

Can’t read all the words under the name Erskine Beveridge, but I’d love to know what this was. Google gave no answers but what I see of the words makes me think it was related to mentally ill people. No idea really though. And now next door is a hair removal clinic. Certainly less interesting than whatever was here.

Alley fanciness

I like this shot because it was just a small alley, but look at the beauty over the back door. Do Parisians know what they’re surrounded by or do they take it all for granted? Sigh.

Ikea clone?

The signs immediately made me think it was their version of Ikea. While the furniture is similar, the price tags tell me it is not.

Soft & beers

Obviously trying to appeal to tourists, but I think they need a little help with their phrases 🙂

street art

A few pieces of street art


It’s a hidden Mickey!



Parisian tomatoes

Everyone loves home-grown tomatoes!