In general, the louder the signs on the outside shout, the lower the quality of the dining experience. For instance, unless you’re STARVING and need to eat RIGHT NOW, this might not be your best choice:

Paris sign tourist trap

It’s trying to look authentic, but yikes

(photo credit to Girls Guide to Paris They also give great tips for travelers)

It’s the more demure shopfronts that pique my interest, so sometimes I detour from my GoogleWalk to just plain-ole Google them. Here’s a hotel and a restaurant I’d love to try.

Paris street Hotel Therese

Isn’t this little street great?

Paris street Hotel Therese

It’s so unassuming …

Paris Hotel Therese lobby

But wow! Look at the lobby!

I can definitely imagine stepping outside this hotel and heading here for dinner:

Paris restaurant Cibus

And dessert:

Paris restaurant Cibus dessert

It HAS to taste good, right?

So, Cibus and Hotel Therese, if you’d just comp me a night and a meal, I’d be more than happy to share you with all of my five followers. Hah! (But I’m huge * on Twitter)

*Relatively, that is 🙂