Why Matchlight?

PathFor a time in my life, I was waiting for a beam of light to descend from Heaven and illuminate the path I should choose.

Look for THIS job.
Start THAT business.
Do THIS with your life.

But it never came. I was in limbo. Putting in one day at a time. Treading water. Life was good but felt aimless. Frustration set in as I began to feel like I was missing out on something important. Opportunities. Direction. Motivation. But I didn’t want to move in one direction if I was really supposed to go the other.

It came to me in an image one day. I had been waiting for a spotlight, but what I saw was a hand holding a match down low over a stepping stone. I heard, “I never promised to reveal the whole plan at once. I promised light for your path. Here it is.”By Matchlight

Hmmm. Not exactly what I had wanted, but it felt like enough.

So here I am. Making my way through life one step at a time. Trusting His light and watching His plan unfold one bit at a time. Maybe at the end I’ll see the whole revealed in a spotlight. But maybe not. And that’s okay.

Walk with me.


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